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May 2012-
The Search for an Ideal Analgesic
June 2011-
Pharmacotherapy for Prescription Opioid Addiction
March 2011-
Advancing Safe Opioid Prescribing through Prescriber Training and Behavior Change
June 2010-
Payer Issues Related to Prescription Opioid Monitoring and Abuse
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The role of Dentists in Preventing Opioid Abuse
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Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategy for Prescription Opioids
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Prescription Monitoring Research Update
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Co-ingestion of Alcohol with Prescription Opioids
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The Role of Urine Drug Monitoring in Pain Management
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Sources of Diverted Prescription Opioids
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Understanding the Types of Opioid Abusers
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Responding to Signals of Opioid Abuse
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Development of Abuse Deterrent Formulations
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Best Practices in Opioid Risk Management
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Opioid Abuse Resistance
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Opioid Risk Management

Tufts Health Care Institute Program on
Opioid Risk Management

The mission of the Tufts Health Care Institute Program on Opioid Risk Management is to address challenges in the development and utilization of opioid analgesics, by engaging a multidisciplinary group of stakeholders focused on optimizing the benefits of opioid for pain management, and minimizing their risks, including abuse and diversion.

April 2-3, 2009
Executive Summary

Prescription Monitoring Research Update
Nathaniel Katz, MD, MS Presentation >>

Updates in State and Federal Legislative Activity Relating to Prescription Monitoring
Michael C. Barnes, Esq. Presentation >>

Diversion Control Program
Howard Birnbaum Presentation >>

State Utilization of PMP Data
Danna E. Droz, RPh, JD, Presentation >>

Prescription Monitoring as a Public Health Intervention: A Review of the Literature
Aaron M. Gilson, MS, MSSW, PhD Presentation >>

Conference on Prescription Monitoring Research Update
Dennis Jay, JD, Presentation >>

Physician Utilization of PMP Datan
Nathaniel Katz, MD, MS Presentation >>

The Use of PMP Reports in Patient Care: Clinician’s Perspective
Kenneth L. Kirsh, Ph.D. Presentation >>

Geospatial Correlates of Doctor Shopping in Massachusetts
Peter Kreiner, Ph.D. Presentation >>

Incorporating New Data Sources into your Practice
Tamas Peredy, MD, FACEP Presentation >>

Prescription Monitoring Programs:
Use by State Medical Boards

Lisa Robin Presentation >>

Public Health Use of North Carolina’s Prescription Monitoring Program
Catherine (Kay) Sanford, MSPH Presentation >>

Prescription Monitoring Research:
Methodological Considerations

Cindy Parks Thomas PhD Presentation >>

Ten Year Trends from the
Massachusetts Prescription
Monitoring Program Database

Cindy Parks Thomas PhD. Presentation >>

Concurrent Workgroup Breakouts

Group 1:  Physician Utilization of PMP Data
Presentation >>

Group 2: Research Questions
Presentation >>

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