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May 2012-
The Search for an Ideal Analgesic
June 2011-
Pharmacotherapy for Prescription Opioid Addiction
March 2011-
Advancing Safe Opioid Prescribing through Prescriber Training and Behavior Change
June 2010-
Payer Issues Related to Prescription Opioid Monitoring and Abuse
March 2010-
The role of Dentists in Preventing Opioid Abuse
July 2009-
Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategy for Prescription Opioids
April 2009-
Prescription Monitoring Research Update
November 2008-
Co-ingestion of Alcohol with Prescription Opioids
June 2008-
The Role of Urine Drug Monitoring in Pain Management
March 2008-
Sources of Diverted Prescription Opioids
September 2007-
Understanding the Types of Opioid Abusers
March 2007-
Responding to Signals of Opioid Abuse
November 2006-
Development of Abuse Deterrent Formulations
September 2006-
Best Practices in Opioid Risk Management
October 2005-
Opioid Abuse Resistance
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Opioid Risk Management

Tufts Health Care Institute Program on
Opioid Risk Management

The mission of the Tufts Health Care Institute Program on Opioid Risk Management is to address challenges in the development and utilization of opioid analgesics, by engaging a multidisciplinary group of stakeholders focused on optimizing the benefits of opioid for pain management, and minimizing their risks, including abuse and diversion.

March 11-12, 2010
Executive Summary
American Dental Association News Release
Research Agenda

The Role of Dentists in Preventing Prescription Opioid Abuse
Nathaniel Katz, MD, MS Presentation >>

Summary of Prescription Drug Abuse Trends and NewAreas of Concern
Richard A. Denisco, MD, MPH Presentation >>

Opioid Prescribing and Perceptions about Abuse by Dentists: Review and New Data
Paul Moore, DMD, PhD, MPH Presentation >>

Opioid prescribing and perceptions about abuse by dentists: review and new data
Michael O’Neil, Pharm.D. Presentation >>

Evidenced Based Analgesic Efficacy in Post-Surgical Dental Pain
Elliot V. Hersh DMD, MS, PhD Presentation >>

Pain Management in Dental Medicine Pain Management Guidelines
Steven J. Scrivani, DDS, D Med Sc Presentation >>

Guidelines for Management of Acute Pain
James P. Rathmell, MD Presentation >>

Management of Pain in the Chemically Dependent Dental Patient
William T. Kane, DDS, MBA Presentation >>

Chronic Opioid Therapy in Dentistry: Creating Control for Controlled Substances
Jeffrey A. Crandall, DDS, FICD Presentation >>

The Role of the Dentist in Preventing Opioid Abuse
Gary M. Heir, DMD Presentation >>

Appropriate Prescribing in Dentistry: a Law Enforcement and Regulatory Perspective
Carlos M. Aquino Presentation >>

Advisory on the Management of Pain
Massachusetts Board of Registration in Dentistry Presentation >>

Screening, Substance Use and Management in Dentistry
Ronald J. Kulich, Ph.D. Presentation >>

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